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Microsoft Office 365更新- 2022年3月

As of 1st March 2022, Microsoft will be making changes to its Microsoft 365 product subscriptions. 这些变化涉及到 pricing and the minimum term.

The changes announced by Microsoft apply to Microsoft 365 services provided by MTG and direct from Microsoft.


Microsoft announced a price increase of approximately 15-20% across a range of products. 产品及建议的价格变动如下.

License Current Price New Price Increase
Office 365 E1 £6.00 £7.28 21%
Office 365 E3 £17.60 £20.25 15%
微软365商务基础版 £3.80 £4.56 20%
微软365商业高级版 £15.10 £16.60 10%

Minimum Term

Microsoft has changed the way in which services are provided and the following will now apply:

  • 所有订阅现在都有最少12个月的期限.
  • If the customer prefers a month-by-month arrangement, the service will be subject to a 20% premium.
  • 许可证可以混合和匹配(i.e. some licenses can be on a monthly term, while others on an annual term).
  • Unless cancelled, services will renew on a 12-month basis from the anniversary date.


  • 无论是年度还是月度 你还是要付账单的 monthly 曼克斯科技集团
  • 截止到3月1日,激活的license数量st 2022年将是未来12个月有效的许可证数量.  在最低期限内,不能减少许可证.
  • 一旦提交了新订单, a customer has 72-hours to cancel before the 12-month term takes effect.
  • 如果在此期间需要添加license, 它们可以与现有的周年纪念日共同命名.
  • 如果您希望您的订阅是按月计划, 这可以安排, 但它将受制于微软每月的保险费.

Next steps

  • MTG将从3月1日起上调订阅费st 2022年,您的发票将自动更新.
  • MTG can also provide a breakdown of current license usage to assist with your decision making (please e-mail sales@mtg.im 更多信息)


如果您有任何问题,请发邮件给我 sales@mtg.im 81818威尼斯将乐意协助


The price increase is the first major price change in the UK since Office 365 was launched in 2011.

Microsoft has emphasised the price changes are due to the increased value, security, 以及他们在微软365平台上的投资, particularly with the introduction of new services such as Microsoft Teams etc.




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